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MonQI is a modification of the existing NUTMON approach, a methodology for monitoring nutrient flows and economic performance in tropical farming systems that has been used successfully for more than ten years in a wide range of farming systems and countries, among which China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

However, NUTMON was more and more used for purposes it was not originally intended for and there was a need for more overall flexibility to give the different monitoring approaches a place and make it more adjustable to the different project requirements.

This meant that there was also a need for a broader concept that could also deal with concepts more related to livelihoods and less to agriculture alone.

As a consequence the Nutmon concept was redefined, the methodology renamed and the software recoded and made more flexible and user-friendly in what has become the MonQI-Toolbox.

NUTMON is no longer maintained or supported but the software and its documentation can be downloaded from this site.

The original Nutmon website is still accessible here.